Maybe One Day..

Compose me a poem so beautiful that it only could have come from your soul Sing me a song that’s felt by others that don’t know it’s why I’m beaming Hug me as if this hug needs to stand the test of time Love me in a way that I’ll never question US Smile soContinue reading “Maybe One Day..”

There are times…

There are times when I want to give my heart permission to open the door, instead of throwing paper airplanes that contain Love over the fortress wall. There are times when Romeo should have a plan and passion and peek over the wall in pursuit of what’s behind it, even if it takes earning aContinue reading “There are times…”

Wait a Minute, Who Are You?

So the last few hours of my life were spent indulging in the positive. This post is inspired by OWN’s Who Am I series. Check it out on youtube if you’ve never seen it. On to business, or the good stuff rather, When someone asks who you are, what traits enter your mind, and why?Continue reading “Wait a Minute, Who Are You?”

No title.. Just thoughts

Unknowingly I walked into a place that I still haven’t recovered from…and I don’t want to. Allow me to drink the elixir of love that Keeps giving and giving. May it keep being a push of gratitude because I’m still living and able to spend another moment with you. It’s love on a level neverContinue reading “No title.. Just thoughts”

Chasing Cupid …perhaps

One word: YOU! You make me wonder what love would look like without fear of pain, or neglect. Would it be dripping hair, and open mouths kissing in the rain? Would It resemble a wise old soul displaying wrinkles of memories? Maybe love would resemble peace, like its displayed upon your face when you’re asleep.Continue reading “Chasing Cupid …perhaps”