9th Month Already?!

Can you believe that we are already in the ninth month of this year? We are quickly closing in on 2023. There are times when I look back and think – well, what did I do in March.. or April.. or June… The time seems to have passed so quickly. I know a lot hasContinue reading “9th Month Already?!”

Looking forward to?!

Laying here feeling under the weather, the question “What are you looking forward to?” surfaces in my thoughts. The most obvious and present answer being to feel better than I do now. Being sick sucks but thank goodness it is only temporary. Hmm, what do I look forward to? After all that I’ve been workingContinue reading “Looking forward to?!”

A Blossom in the Storm

Hello Friends, Boy, oh boy, it has been a heck of a year. If you’ve been following my posts this year, then you already know that it has been one that has been a true test of strength physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Although it has not been the best, I’m still pushing and strivingContinue reading “A Blossom in the Storm”