The Writer Within

I. Miss. You. Right now as your eyes read those words above, you’re inquiring within whether or not I am speaking to you. Remove the doubt because.. I Am. Time has passed and familial obligations are always at the forefront but… I. Miss. You. I miss your ability to transform a moment into a movieContinue reading “The Writer Within”

Calling All Writers

Dear Fellow Writers – If you are into food, romance, prayers and devotionals, this post is for you. Let’s get to it! Zora James Publishing is accepting submissions for prayers. The prayers should have a specific focus so read the criteria carefully. Act quick because once a certain limit is reached, submissions will no longerContinue reading “Calling All Writers”

Strangling Your Assistance

I saw this picture this morning and… This message has been on my mind and heart so much the last few months… well years, but it has really been standing out lately as I keep seeing it cycle over and over and over in my life and others. It reminds me of how we prayContinue reading “Strangling Your Assistance”

Unspoken Peace

A stillness containing a subtle inhale and unspoken thoughts Cautious but magnetically pulled Moments larger than self Inquiring with ever-listening angels Intuition laced nudges holding power over reason Peace presented to comfort a waling heart Unexpected and welcomed Can my soul find healing in the moments where understanding is captured after being elusive for soContinue reading “Unspoken Peace”

  Book: Exit the Labyrinth: It’s Onset and Aftermath Author: Stephanie Kay Bendel Rating: 4/5   Interested in a summary, Press Me   A Small Dose of Quotes:    “Remember, it’s not so much what happens but how you interpret it that causes pain”  “The morally responsible person considers the possible consequences of his deedContinue reading

Ward of Reconditioning

Frustration clouds my energy like a small room full of smokers, and I’m the green one that wandered in lost. It’s a frustrating brew of my understanding others, with increasing Wins in being misunderstood. A heaping cup of loving energy rejected by a bowl marked “No Expectations Involving You.” Add to that about an inchContinue reading “Ward of Reconditioning”