What the what…who the which…why the when

  My energy is high and  I’m ready to take on the world. Well, the world that I have been trying to create for so long, or at least merge into. It’s been a slow merge. A merge similar to the forty day and forty night trek in the wilderness….only difference is I can clearlyContinue reading “What the what…who the which…why the when”

Opening the Valve

  Every day I thought about you and wanted time with you all to myself. When the time presented itself (daily), something…happened. A clog. A strangulation. An inability to spill the contents. Uggh! Maybe I wanted it too bad to even begin to start to reach my goal. Maybe my mental marathoning drained me intoContinue reading “Opening the Valve”

Pinpointing the Madness

  Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or months in which the “madness” within you is misdirected into other areas of your life? Moments like these occur very often, and often times we are unaware of demonstrating this behavior. When was the last time you were having a financial strain squeezing theContinue reading “Pinpointing the Madness”

A moment in my mind

I’m often told I am too analytical…maybe…maybe not…but I’m thinking now…may I share them with you….Here we go..   *Sips Water* I’ll never apologize for my mind, my actions, and my heart. My intentions are to bring others up as I rise myself.     *Sips More Water*   We want to be loved butContinue reading “A moment in my mind”

Rainy Day Mind Release

So…my current mood is a bit frustrated at myself because I fulfill many roles/tasks/obligations, and I’m not going to a deadline set for today…even after trying my best. Grrr. ..Yet, I took all of 15 minutes to construct this post. There is something about writing and sharing (sometimes) that makes me feel better.  As IContinue reading “Rainy Day Mind Release”

Gratitude 04.01.16

  “Cultivate the habit of being grateful.” 1.Understanding.  Even when he can be my frustration..an unclassified frustration of wanting to touch, hug, or hear the voice of what is miles away…I am grateful that even though what may come is unforeseeable, right now, he is open to understanding my flaws. I express my gratitude forContinue reading “Gratitude 04.01.16”