Curiosity seeps from my pores at the wonder of what’s in store There’s nothing that can foretell the feeling that overflows my inner well This state of hope and expectation Moving closer and closer with elation Learning to navigate the places that I find myself Deep work, mining for spiritual wealth There’s nothing I canContinue reading “Surety”

Get back here. Your writing doesn’t depend on their validation

As I sit back and glance at different pages of spaces of expressions, it dawns on me that many are truly longggg pieces. Compared to theirs, my writing appears to be in training for only a minute portion of what others have penned. I started to wonder how many others look at the works, theContinue reading “Get back here. Your writing doesn’t depend on their validation”


She drives the highway to clear her mind and ease her heart. ..When sometimes all she wanted to do was hear his voice. But that wasn’t an option. He’s starting to make her feel like HER past did. Expendable. She promised herself she would never allow another person to project their pain on her.. PainContinue reading “Worthy “