Bite-size Milestones

*Writing Music: Ugly Part of Me by Avery Sunshine * *Bonus: Distance by Emily King*   The moon is up, and on duty. This is my usual time for working, chilling, and just acknowledging who I am through gratitude, and love. Tonight is a work zone night. As I sit here, I got a bitContinue reading “Bite-size Milestones”

Quotes UP

Don’t you just love quotes that trigger something within. Before gracing your curious eyes with these quotable life messages, major applause and thanks expressed to GISLYREAL and HOPEJAKISA for nominating me.   While I have your attention, I nominate STUDIOTJ, XENA, and CONSTANCE. Requirements are as follows: Thank the blogger who nominated you. Post three quotes, or one quote forContinue reading “Quotes UP”

Inspira-tivation Vent-peautic

It’s easy to shift blame, and offer up excuses for others to cosign in order to justify our actions, and feel better. But it takes Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Humility, and a Desire… a Need to change to proclaim “I’m going to approach this differently. It won’t be easy, and there will be sacrifices made inContinue reading “Inspira-tivation Vent-peautic”

Dose of Goodness

Dose of Goodness!!! If you are not familiar with the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, then here is a good, brief article (by Brian Johnson) to summarize the powerful messages expressed within the book. The book is a great read. Add it to your library. 🙂 Here’s the article link: Read the articleContinue reading “Dose of Goodness”

Another Round

I strangled you so quickly that it took me a moment to realize that I even moved to clench you between my fingertips. Doubt. No vacancy, so I had to take you out before you got me first. This. Is. Life. Or. Death. I choose LIFE. My womb breeds optimism, opportunities, and anything other than negativity consuming theContinue reading “Another Round”