Don’t stop now

They may not always understand the thoughts behind the gaze, or the weary lines under your eyes as you work diligently birthing your ideas into reality. They haven’t taken the time to see your eyes close, as you gather a moment of peace to process in mindfulness. They didn’t invest sweat nor love into theContinue reading “Don’t stop now”

Am I doing this wrong

This isn’t the way that you envisioned it. Looking around you begin to question what routes, what advice, or what decisions led to your present placement. I mean, cautiously you kept the beautiful parts of you contained, disciplined, and true. You responded to healing and you released the past, present, and future to God. EachContinue reading “Am I doing this wrong”

Humility and Gratitude

I can’t thank you enough for my present positioning. My perspective and approach are enhanced, and it’s because of the many laughs and many tears that have etched wisdom and memories across my heart and mind. I am so grateful because I survived and still walk with hope, faith, love, and ambition. My posture isContinue reading “Humility and Gratitude”

Sunshine finally… well, never mind

HAVE YOU EVER…. Had one of those days… scratch that years in which you finally see the sun peeking through the clouds… and you know that all that gratitude and hard work has fueled you and helped you through it all…. and you have finally arrived…. And then just as you step out without theContinue reading “Sunshine finally… well, never mind”

Un-Shackling Freedom

    Securely squeezing the life out of what could cure me If only it was to be released Logically, it’s better to let it go and flow Uncertainty and Fear fuel false foundations to tightening the grasp Captive to what should be uplifting and freeing Slowly nursing Courage and Strength back into action AContinue reading “Un-Shackling Freedom”

Book Review: Life Expressed in 25 words or less: Distilled Wisdom for Life by Jack Cantwell

  Book: Life Expressed in 25 words or less: Distilled Wisdom for Life  Author: Jack Cantwell Rating: 4/5   Curious about a summary of the book……Press Me   A few quotes….just a little bit though:  “A time that was is still a time that is” “Honest reply does not quell anger” “Compassion has nothing toContinue reading “Book Review: Life Expressed in 25 words or less: Distilled Wisdom for Life by Jack Cantwell”