What the Frak?

What the Frak? Listen, This Week…This Week….I don’t smoke but someone has lit a cigarette for me, and assumed a prone position in the middle of traffic…waiting for change. Anyway, Praises Up that things have improved from painful to peculiar. I’ll take that 🙂 The fun included riding in a vehicle that turned off (radio bailed shipContinue reading “What the Frak?”

Goals…Goals…and More Goals….Just for this Week though :)

A few minutes ago, a post blessed my eyes regarding Mindful Monday.  I wish I could locate it to share it with you, but my success wasn’t good in that search.  However, the post inspired me to post my Goals of Mindfulness for the Week.  May you be encouraged to do the same. Write itContinue reading “Goals…Goals…and More Goals….Just for this Week though :)”