Is it a barrier or what?

Often times, people feel like I don’t have a response to what is being said. That’s not always the case. Sometimes the barrier comes when trying to communicate and feeling like it is a waste of time to open the door to the conversation. Ever had someone ask a question and you respond… only toContinue reading “Is it a barrier or what?”

Fearless Pieces

Some of the best songs are written from the spaces and places that we didn’t see coming. And although there’s still so much to unveil and connect with, there’s a special space filled with comfort just for you. Maybe it’s the empath in me or the path that I see or maybe it’s exactly whereContinue reading “Fearless Pieces”

Here we are again

Greetings 2 a.m. You’re here again, waiting for me Another unscheduled visit, yet a meeting of spirit and mind No agenda, just opportunity In the past, an eye roll would be my hello Presently, knowing without looking I know what time it is The only light stems from my heart and my phone as IContinue reading “Here we are again”

Unspoken Peace

A stillness containing a subtle inhale and unspoken thoughts Cautious but magnetically pulled Moments larger than self Inquiring with ever-listening angels Intuition laced nudges holding power over reason Peace presented to comfort a waling heart Unexpected and welcomed Can my soul find healing in the moments where understanding is captured after being elusive for soContinue reading “Unspoken Peace”

Gratitude 04.01.16

  “Cultivate the habit of being grateful.” 1.Understanding.  Even when he can be my unclassified frustration of wanting to touch, hug, or hear the voice of what is miles away…I am grateful that even though what may come is unforeseeable, right now, he is open to understanding my flaws. I express my gratitude forContinue reading “Gratitude 04.01.16”

Ward of Reconditioning

Frustration clouds my energy like a small room full of smokers, and I’m the green one that wandered in lost. It’s a frustrating brew of my understanding others, with increasing Wins in being misunderstood. A heaping cup of loving energy rejected by a bowl marked “No Expectations Involving You.” Add to that about an inchContinue reading “Ward of Reconditioning”

Goals…Goals…and More Goals….Just for this Week though :)

A few minutes ago, a post blessed my eyes regarding Mindful Monday.  I wish I could locate it to share it with you, but my success wasn’t good in that search.  However, the post inspired me to post my Goals of Mindfulness for the Week.  May you be encouraged to do the same. Write itContinue reading “Goals…Goals…and More Goals….Just for this Week though :)”