Insomnia’s Game

The dark circles look more pronounced You toss and turn Sleep just won’t find you Plans and Prayers enacted Still rest is hiding and you are seeking Getting out of bed to get a glass of water It works on television But they get paid to play sleep after the glass All you need isContinue reading “Insomnia’s Game”

Controlled Hair Pulling 

Ever have a day in which you are drained… Feeling broken….bobbing and weaving issues, yet they are still connecting?  And the one thing you want for comfort isn’t an option.  Of course, I know this time will pass, and better days are ahead.  But these days have turned into years.  I’m still grasping… Still feelingContinue reading “Controlled Hair Pulling “


It is said that writing something is better than writing nothing at all…in order to keep things flowing. Well, there is nothing particular that strikes me to write about. Shortly, my day will be coming to a close…regarding the income producing portion. The parent portion will just be getting started for a few more hours…thenContinue reading “Meh….”

Tired With No Time To Sit

This hustle and bustle isn’t proving as fruitful as I hoped it would be Investing more time into what feels like there is simply not enough hours in my day Exhaustion always has room for me on its schedule. But, I wash its coarseness down the best I can with gallons of positive juice and reasons why.Continue reading “Tired With No Time To Sit”

Moody Moons Weighted Suns 

Moody. Understatement of the year..nope, since the beginning of time. My mind says strength, wisdom, and courage has increased times ten. Growth is constant. But my emotions say these are the lowest records within the last 365. Outcome unknown. Determination always through the roof. Happiness is present but its levels raise and lower with theContinue reading “Moody Moons Weighted Suns “