Express Minus Format

Me…Being real in the light and the dark…when alone and with company…everywhere i go…here i am…dear self…i admire you…me is all i have …and all that i give …imposters cost to much…it is breath…it is love…with vines of hope…that fuels my desire to live…never overthinking what is engrained…acceptance of me…can’t change the ingredients of theContinue reading “Express Minus Format”

Insomnia’s Game

The dark circles look more pronounced You toss and turn Sleep just won’t find you Plans and Prayers enacted Still rest is hiding and you are seeking Getting out of bed to get a glass of water It works on television But they get paid to play sleep after the glass All you need isContinue reading “Insomnia’s Game”

About: Upgrade

*wavy lines and dreamy reflection music* You know, when I started this blog, it was to express without being interrupted, and feel heard, even on the most random of randomest stuff. Plus, It felt sort of prestigious to have a website…as if I should be wearing a pearl necklace (stay focused), while wearing Mickey MouseContinue reading “About: Upgrade”

Abnormally Normal

Creativity and Mental Illness. A clarity as clear as a deer standing in the middle of a foggy, highway. You’re aware of its presence,but considered yourself the exemption…Until you’re thrust into recognition, acceptance, and full impact. Writers read. A lot. Then we float around the normal activities of life trying to keep our imagination, andContinue reading “Abnormally Normal”

~What….the….heck….was …today….~

Truthfully, I don’t know if writing will even relieve the headache of today. But because I write, I will writeth. Shakespearian-ish moment. Another new word.  Anyway, today SUCKED! Right now, at this moment, is the first time that I feel anything remotely close to my normal balanced self. When no one got paid at workContinue reading “~What….the….heck….was …today….~”

…Reality is…

REALITY IS…. …I am Human (sometimes). Sh*t happens. Enough said. …My experience is Mine. It is viewed through eyes that have cried, expressed joy, and witnessed things that will never be erased from my memory. …Pain and Understanding = V.I.P. Access. Yep, My flyer miles are high. This heart of mine has been Punted intoContinue reading “…Reality is…”