Encouragement to Lifestyle

Life is a series of loving and letting go. If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s making sure that you remember who you are and in what you base your foundation and Love is a part of that. I’ve learned not to make excuses for my actions and decisions. You can’t blame anyone for what you’reContinue reading “Encouragement to Lifestyle”

Another Gmyle Bag, Yessssss!!!

Greetings Readers and Product Lovers!!!  It’s that time again.  I got another bag (yes, I love bags) that I want to share with you.  These are my thoughts on my latest addition. So, please say hello to my new Gmyle Sleeve Bag in Grey. All right, this lightweight bag with it’s slick… maybe not slick,Continue reading “Another Gmyle Bag, Yessssss!!!”

Heart: No Vacancy

The awareness of hearing a stranger that I’ve known for so long say I Adore You. Blindsided by the admission.  This is how I used to feel before the present pain, but not for the stranger. The previous love revealed that maybe he was a stranger too, which makes this all even stranger. As theContinue reading “Heart: No Vacancy”

Quiet the mind

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.”  Affirmation: I will not allow overthinking to steal my peace and create illusions that anchor me to negativity. I quiet my mind. My soul speaks. My perception and peace are stilled and healing takes place. Beauty surrounds me. Everyday a new flower that I did not previouslyContinue reading “Quiet the mind”

A title requires energy

  Ahh, the lovely scent of insomnia permeates my nostrils…tingling the synapses and sending my mind in even more of a frenzy. Cheers to you insomnia! This post exists because of you. Well, how the heck are you, dear reader?  These past seven days have been entertaining, draining, and a training in life lessons forContinue reading “A title requires energy”

Let it pour out 

How does it feel to be… An open hearted hurricane of analytical thoughts, aborted speeches, and a love that can last even after the world has ended? How many colors would it take from my internal palette to decorate my external reality of complications?  Will there ever by a moment of syncing the beautiful nourishmentContinue reading “Let it pour out “

I know this doesn’t rhyme

Some days I sit and pray seeking clarity, guidance, and comfort  there are days when gratitude pours and spills this heart aches with the love it feels  love comes on many levels usually silent never being afraid to say what i feel when it matters even as i know growth will come after a shatterContinue reading “I know this doesn’t rhyme”