Your pain ripples my atmosphere.  The rolling tears of unresolved pain and betrayal leaves you feeling suspended in purgatory.  Your pleas for comfort and relief don’t escape my heart.  Trust Me in your process.  Those tears containing the weight of the world are watering the garden that I have for you.  A place only IContinue reading “Tears”

Trusting the process 

I’ve dealt with a lot over the last few years, and the start of this year wasn’t the greatest. A friend told me I remind him of Job. Like things just keep coming up but I still try to keep the faith and see the good in it, while hoping for the best.  Some ofContinue reading “Trusting the process “

Heart: No Vacancy

The awareness of hearing a stranger that I’ve known for so long say I Adore You. Blindsided by the admission.  This is how I used to feel before the present pain, but not for the stranger. The previous love revealed that maybe he was a stranger too, which makes this all even stranger. As theContinue reading “Heart: No Vacancy”

Dear Writing 

Dear Writing, I’m so sorry for how I’ve neglected you so. But my words and my emotions have been battling fiercely. I’ve gotten to a place of knowing I need to come back to your peace in a pen to release what’s bottled up within. I apologize for not honoring you as you’re life toContinue reading “Dear Writing “

  Book: Exit the Labyrinth: It’s Onset and Aftermath Author: Stephanie Kay Bendel Rating: 4/5   Interested in a summary, Press Me   A Small Dose of Quotes:    “Remember, it’s not so much what happens but how you interpret it that causes pain”  “The morally responsible person considers the possible consequences of his deedContinue reading


A slight giggle proceeds a serious, yet, emotion-filled eyed expression.  The joke lies within my thoughts:  it really may be dangerous to engage with a writer. Each stroke potently laced with healing or destruction.   Why do I communicate better with words gliding across paper instead of pirouetting off my tongue? You can sniggle now, too.  Continue reading “Boomlexiphenomtastic”

Penning Whirlwind

This desire to pen Or unpin what is within No particular goal except to write Writing away the words I wasn’t allowed to express Expressing the frustration that was tangled in distress Penning the joy that battles with the confusion Loving the ability and overdosing on the freedom The freedom of expression that I haveContinue reading “Penning Whirlwind”