Looking Back

lightning flashed giving disco style glimpses as the silhouette of a heart she loved increased the distance with each nonchalant stride standing motionless observing her heart bleed knowingly being dragged behind him soon he will focus realization will give way to pain he will raise the empty chain and look back over his journey crimson streaks reveal theContinue reading “Looking Back”

opened up too much 

So much time wishing I was NOT thinking about him so much. It’s not consuming to the point of not being able to function. There are just MANY moments spent alone that I want to share with him.  You know that goofy, inhibited cartoon reel on your mind’s projector that you wish jumped off theContinue reading “opened up too much “


To protect the heart, many times I have to temporarily disconnect my eyes, and ears from the shrills, and darkness that roam with a thirst to deconstruct anything positive, and progressive. Reconnecting occurs in small doses, as to not totally get blindsided.  The daily practice of logging in a journal manifestations, gratitudes, and thoughts areContinue reading “Unplug”