Why Breathe

One of the most frustrating things is having the people that you love dearly just keep making decisions that prevent their progress in life. And it isn’t the fact that they don’t realize it because they do. And when faced with reality, their anger and blame surfaces. Now there are times when progress seems toContinue reading “Why Breathe”

Dead situation

Today I decided, or maybe last night rather, that there was something I simply didn’t want to pray about anymore. I mean, the situation seems to be stuck and I’m tired of praying the loving, optimistic, and humble prayer in that area. Truly, it’s become something I’m tired of even feeling and thinking about asContinue reading “Dead situation”


Silence.  Home to what was, what is, and what could have been.  Silence.  Purgatory living of love unrequited.  Silence.  Where the pain  has to be buried and blessings manifested.  Silence.  Where Self speaks the loudest.  Silence.  Scary to those who can’t manage without distractions.  Silence.  Exchanges of the soul is a love transaction.  Silence.  What’sContinue reading “Silence”

Solitude and Life 

Life should come with a sign that reads, “So many obstacles ahead that you shouldn’t even expect a smooth journey.”  That sign would be placed just after the “buckle in sign.” And before the “we still haven’t mastered the course.”  Well, life, you come with the continuous lessons of patience, time, acceptance, resilience, and wisdom.Continue reading “Solitude and Life “