Purposeful Moments

She had finally managed to make it happen. It wasn‚Äôt the most spacious but it would have to work. She could hear the puzzled voices moving from room to room. The only solution was right at her fingertips. It was her best kept secret. Not everyone knew about the way she maneuvered in order toContinue reading “Purposeful Moments”

Are You Happy?

Are you truly happy… Or just going through the motions… I mean it, take a moment and think. Start with defining what happiness means to you. Is it attached to another person? Is it unable to be separated from a power greater than you? Take it a step further, when was the last time youContinue reading “Are You Happy?”

Can I afford to??

Ever asked yourself, can I afford to… *Take a break *See a movie *Go on a trip *Invest in someone else financially.. or in general *Quit my job *Be vulnerable There are so many ways to finish that “Can I Afford To” spot. One thing to remember is to actually answer “Yes” to some ofContinue reading “Can I afford to??”

Short and Sweet Truth

On the very, very tough days, sometimes it’s just best to rest and restart the next day. LIFE TIP: When Nothing Goes Right, Go To Bed. Sweet Dreams ūüėä

Solitude and Life 

Life should come with a sign that reads, “So many obstacles ahead that you shouldn’t even expect a smooth journey.”  That sign would be placed just after the “buckle in sign.” And before the “we still haven’t mastered the course.”  Well, life, you come with the continuous lessons of patience, time, acceptance, resilience, and wisdom.Continue reading “Solitude and Life¬†“

Tight Roping The In-Between

  Too much of a good thing… can be addicting. ¬† Not enough of some things… can be malnourishment. Tightroping the in between in a cyclical fashion.¬† At times as an observer while still participating¬†in¬†the flow.¬† Circling around.¬† Some things change. Others remain the same… seemingly.¬† Choices to release and rebuild the scenery that changesContinue reading “Tight Roping The In-Between”

Haiku: Smother the Flames

How does one end pain A pain fueled by hope and love¬† While still being Self   A heart won’t live mute Two hearts. Two minds. Two roads that¬† lead farther away¬†   Loving. One way street. Never will be enough because “US” isn’t the goal   Clear thought brings healing Love is still presentContinue reading “Haiku: Smother the Flames”