Change..have a seat

Things change. This statement can bring you pleasure, pain, or a matter-of-fact acceptance. Although, I was sitting still with the best intentions, things around were still..changing. The wind continued to blow, and move the leaves. The cars continued to flow, and part their present space. The cells within each body was changing, and still isContinue reading “Change..have a seat”

Just a second

Thank you and praises up for sending that message to me. You allowed her open spirit to receive the message, and fearlessly relay it to me. Your words are to stay focused and I will prosper. These seeds are planted within my mind, heart, and soul. Lead me on the journey that you will haveContinue reading “Just a second”

My autumn come hither

“Looks like breezes of Autumn done finally blew my way / like memories of yesterday” ~Outkast Autumn is the season symbolic of change. Transitions. Now is the time to see the world in different colors (perspectives). Allow the unproductive, burnt out behaviors and plans to become ash. Let your new plans and action spring forthContinue reading “My autumn come hither”