Day 27 – Lord Be

Lord, be my focus. Lord, be my strength. Lord, be my courage. Lord, be my wholeness. Lord, be the love that I need. Lord, be the guidance that I need daily. Lord, be the friend that’s closer than anyone I’ve ever known. Lord, be my healer. Lord, live in me. Lord, I give you thanks.

Business: Time & Sacrifices

Truthfully, the motivation behind this post is the steroid restlessness that’s curing this bout of Strep. Yep, Strep! Never would’ve thought the horrible feeling was Strep. I was taking multiple concoctions trying to beat the cold but don’t think that was going to whip this one…   So, I finally went to the doctor yesterdayContinue reading “Business: Time & Sacrifices”

Love’s business

Love and business cross my mind more than I care to admit. However, at 4:27 am this morning, this is what is flowing. Love, for me, is my soul’s product. A priceless and spiritual journey. It’s not marketed but lived as a constantly changing orchestra of all that breathes into my spirit. Like the sun,Continue reading “Love’s business”