Blog Tour: No Place to Pray by James Carpenter

  No Place to Pray By James Carpenter Southern Gothic Explores Destitute Characters, Dark Plot Turns, and Magical Realism LIVES UNRAVEL AT THE SEAMS OF CLASS, RACE, AND RELIGION IN A PLACE WHERE NO ONE EVER QUITE TELLS THE TRUTH How do the consequences of alcoholism impact our daily lives and those we love? ItContinue reading “Blog Tour: No Place to Pray by James Carpenter”

Book Review: Devil In The Grass by Christopher Bowron

  Book: Devil in the Grass  Author: Christopher Bowron  Rating: 4 / 5, Probably need professional counseling after reading this 🙂      Curious for more about this book/summary:  Press Me   Quotes:  Only a dose though…you have to read the book. It’s worth it.  “Family is bigger than the individual.” “I’m not gonna take upContinue reading “Book Review: Devil In The Grass by Christopher Bowron”

Book Review: Sophie by Jennie Sargam

  Book: Sophie Author: Jennie Sargam Rating: 5/5 Stars, I read this book in a day  Goodreads Summary: Press Me🙂 Quotes I like from the book…only a few though … “How can I expect anyone to really love me if they don’t know who I am?”  “Everything I am and have is a result of whatContinue reading “Book Review: Sophie by Jennie Sargam”

These quotes have something to say

So umm, I’ve been reading…as usual…and decided to share some quotes from those reads. Why? Because maybe you like quotes too… 🙂 “You can heal broken bones; You can’t heal a broken mind.”  Bleeding Violet, Dia Reeves “You were not expected to aspire to excellence: you were expected to make peace with mediocrity.” The FireContinue reading “These quotes have something to say”

…Reality is…

REALITY IS…. …I am Human (sometimes). Sh*t happens. Enough said. …My experience is Mine. It is viewed through eyes that have cried, expressed joy, and witnessed things that will never be erased from my memory. …Pain and Understanding = V.I.P. Access. Yep, My flyer miles are high. This heart of mine has been Punted intoContinue reading “…Reality is…”

Riddle Me This….Pitch Me That…

Greetings My Writing Cohorts, Soooo *sips Java* my curiosity is piqued and I need your feedback. Are you ready? Well here it goes…. How many times have you submitted a pitch to the same company/gig after receiving computer generated, rejection responses? And at what point did you throw in the towel and move on toContinue reading “Riddle Me This….Pitch Me That…”

What Time Is It? Quote Time… Again…. :)

Here are a few quotes that I heard, read, or somehow let flitter into my conscious this week.  “My own definition of feminist is: a feminist is a man or woman who says ‘Yes, there’s a problem with gender as it is today, and we must fix it. We must do better.”  ~Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie~Continue reading “What Time Is It? Quote Time… Again…. :)”