Problematic Prescription

“My soul bleeds words that I seldom share.” ~Daniel A. Vaughn~ My heart beats in acknowledgment. Prayers to the Healer. Doctor, Doctor, can you fix what ails me? Is there a cure for another dead portion.. dead end, dead love, and dying hope. A slow smothering that needs to be revived. Is there a limitContinue reading “Problematic Prescription”

One of those days

It’s been one of those days… Where it seems like you take a sigh of relief and then an obstacle immediately arises… A day in which you once again feel like you’re climbing uphill in the desert with a cold water bottle being dangled on a rope in front.. Where’s the reset button? You know,Continue reading “One of those days”


Observing and willing and wanting, yet sporadically invited. Choices. No regrets nor shame. I’m watching you drown. Strangled by childhood absences and fatherly goals, Thirsting for healing to your soul. Optimism once lived where you now house brothel focused goals in the shadows of unasked questions. Truth is better unrevealed Because accountability has no roomContinue reading “Choices”

Fuel for the Journey

Keep your head up. Often, it may seem like your goal/reward is a long way out of reach or may never occur. Keep pushing. Sometimes the journey can feel like it’s a series of battles and obstacles, often fought alone, while trying to remain a positive, loving, and helpful person. Keep pushing. Your hard workContinue reading “Fuel for the Journey”

Rose, Not Dead Weight

You’re valuable. You are worth it. You should stop right now wasting your feelings on those who don’t value you. Time wasted on chasing, convincing, and accepting what’s not going to honor you by choice is time that could have been spent invested into those who value you, who are honest and as vulnerable asContinue reading “Rose, Not Dead Weight”


Silence.  Home to what was, what is, and what could have been.  Silence.  Purgatory living of love unrequited.  Silence.  Where the pain  has to be buried and blessings manifested.  Silence.  Where Self speaks the loudest.  Silence.  Scary to those who can’t manage without distractions.  Silence.  Exchanges of the soul is a love transaction.  Silence.  What’sContinue reading “Silence”