Just thinking …Love

Love is blind. But is it really because you are trying to see with your heart. Maybe the statement should be : love is closely linked with denial. Because we can see something with our eyes and still not allow our heart to believe it. Or maybe: love gives the benefit of the doubt. SoContinue reading “Just thinking …Love”


Word BLOGGING Mental J- O- G- G- I- N- G MARATHONS Still Carrying Weight WAIT  DIET  Dye It Flip It Flipped thoughts like mattresses  Revisiting previously traveled lands  Lessons in the scratch area of life  Looped Riddim of Pythagoras Never enough Scarcity of Weeping Willows and Graphite To Decipher it All Replay 


TIME moves but plays MIME in my desires Fresh game of Red light, Green light My Red is on  Repeat My Red is on Repeat My Red is on Repeat Like Stevie Wonder’s dreams in Summer Wondering Blind Chronic Rain This is not Cali Drowning on Dry land Running on a treadmill in a WhiteContinue reading “WRITING NOVEMBER NATIONAL PEN TO PAPER ACTION : MY RANDOM”

Just Thinking…Again

When did we get to the point of laughing at the pain of another ? Or tickled by misfortune? Somehow our helping hands turned into a pointing finger. Too many tears are salting the earth Too many gallons of blood quench the thirsty green grass of this America When did we grow deaf to theContinue reading “Just Thinking…Again”

Just a sec

I really didn’t have anything to say.. Nothing particular to write about. Just felt like writing. . To relieve. .tension.  I guess it’s tension… or fatigue. .. or frustration. Who knows? All I Know right now is that it just feels good to write. And allow my writing. .. my untitled frustrations or whatever theyContinue reading “Just a sec”

My Random Randoms

The toothless tiger bit me like the dust from whence I came… Rode in on a ship with a title but no name… Names hold no status to the ignorant! Although they are ignorant by choice, they did not choose to be in the dark of a mag light world. Globe living…On the inside…looking out.Continue reading “My Random Randoms”