Rainy Days

Emotions pour from the clouds.. weighted and heavy. Each droplet containing a moment that couldn’t be held. No longer able to contain its composure.. It swelled. It filled. Traveling downward, speeds unknown. Traveling up was no longer an option until after impact. Maybe rays of hope from the sun would raise up what was splattered…Continue reading “Rainy Days”


It’s 2:11. Am I tired? Yes. Am I struggling to stay awake? Yessir. So, why can’t I stay asleep? Insomnia is my only conclusion. 🙄 It’s no fun staying awake when you’d rather be dreaming about future days with that special someone nestled in your bed. However, I’m awake and writing. Thinking about what theContinue reading “2:11”

Sunshine finally… well, never mind

HAVE YOU EVER…. Had one of those days… scratch that years in which you finally see the sun peeking through the clouds… and you know that all that gratitude and hard work has fueled you and helped you through it all…. and you have finally arrived…. And then just as you step out without theContinue reading “Sunshine finally… well, never mind”

Feeling down while going up 

Writing to… write.  You know, healing comes with its ups and downs. One moment you’re doing great. Everything is calm and cool. You’ve accepted what’s causing your pain and you’re shifting toward a brighter day.  And then… WHAM! The smallest prick of a thought enters your heart and seriously rips.. I mean shreds your insides.Continue reading “Feeling down while going up “

Love and Rain Callout

 I was called out in a challenge on another medium…so I felt like posting it on here too…Social Courage 🙂 Love and Rain…What’s your position? Will you drown because you weren’t ready to receive? Shall the rain quench your thirst and refresh your spirit..like love?  Or will it just get you..Wet! Positioning is everything.  BringContinue reading “Love and Rain Callout”

1:34 a.m. 3rd of March 2015 Misty Mental

Once again in the early a.m hours, I walk this lot… This time in the mist.  My hair will be cursing me later for exposing its vulnerability. But when the heart and mind is active, you flow where you are led sometimes. Like a warrior on a journey, no hills or deserts will block hisContinue reading “1:34 a.m. 3rd of March 2015 Misty Mental”


TIME moves but plays MIME in my desires Fresh game of Red light, Green light My Red is on  Repeat My Red is on Repeat My Red is on Repeat Like Stevie Wonder’s dreams in Summer Wondering Blind Chronic Rain This is not Cali Drowning on Dry land Running on a treadmill in a WhiteContinue reading “WRITING NOVEMBER NATIONAL PEN TO PAPER ACTION : MY RANDOM”