Can I afford to??

Ever asked yourself, can I afford to… *Take a break *See a movie *Go on a trip *Invest in someone else financially.. or in general *Quit my job *Be vulnerable There are so many ways to finish that “Can I Afford To” spot. One thing to remember is to actually answer “Yes” to some ofContinue reading “Can I afford to??”


Would it be okay if I trusted you with the rejection? Would it be okay if I only said Thank You and asked for nothing? Would it be too much to simply not expect anything but instead just Be? Would my silence ever cause you to simply turn away from me? Will this place lookContinue reading “Questions…”

Alone…bah humbug

Have you ever been alone so much that it starts to feel like company? Like a job that you’ve worked robotically with no thought, just action. I’ve perfected this area of my life. But how can you feel so alone when there are so many people? Light bulb! Because it’s all internal. The externals feelContinue reading “Alone…bah humbug”

What the hell love …

Oh how familiar..Flatline Tightrope walking on DNR stamped relationships. Using effective product on agonal expectations. Why? Because Love breathes hope into the blind capable of restoring sight. We willingly trek up mountain sides in Bipolar climates just to feel those Rays of Love upon our hearts. The Rational Irrational fix. 12 steps. Ascending together, handContinue reading “What the hell love …”

Just thinking …Love

Love is blind. But is it really because you are trying to see with your heart. Maybe the statement should be : love is closely linked with denial. Because we can see something with our eyes and still not allow our heart to believe it. Or maybe: love gives the benefit of the doubt. SoContinue reading “Just thinking …Love”

Why allow it?

We ALLOW people to drain us till the last drop…because we have hope and see their potential. PROBLEM :  They haven’t begun to operate in the positive, wisdom filled aspects of their essence. We are WILLING victims of creative suicide. We place the gun in their hands and then…we have the nerve to wonder why they shot us.