Moon has been on duty for a while. My body is on E, yet here I am hoping to doze off. No success presently because you’re reading this post. This is my version of a late night brain dump. It’s a moment to let go of the day in the hopes that my body saysContinue reading “00:49”


Maybe this is TMI but it felt like my body was purging all the bad things out. It was an early am reminder that things need to be released in order to feel better and more balanced. These days have felt like a continued reminder of purging while being reminded to pray boldly and forContinue reading “Purge”

My Heart Screams: Purge

    People will argue, lash out, cry, and pour everything out as a way to say that they need you. And though, you may not be the cause of the pain, their pleas should not fall on deaf ears and numb hearts.   They’ve been present for you when your world was rocky. They’veContinue reading “My Heart Screams: Purge”

Games of birthing posts

Have you ever wrote a post that felt so gooooodddd to release the bickering thoughts, the rollercoaster of emotions, and just to feel like you shared what was on your mind, even if no one could solve the problem? And then, time passes. And then you think,Well dang, London, what bridges have I burned down?Continue reading “Games of birthing posts”