the first time

I remember… …the first time… we exchanged hellos and smiles outside the gym. Quickly glancing away from your handsome face, SUNSHINE. Uplifted! ..the first time… that ever occurred so unexpectedly and promptly and each time since that time the same butterflies fill my insides. THE uncountable prayers of HOPING  this connection would not be inContinue reading “the first time”

Dark corners… Sunshine

We all have those days where we retreat to the dark, comfy corners of our mind. The place where we crouch in the corner allowing the least happiest of moments to come out and play. Depression parties and failure socials. We find solace in being committed to the lack, and emptiness in our lives. ThereContinue reading “Dark corners… Sunshine”


Currently, my environment doesn’t reflect where I want (or have aimed) to be. Yet, I am grateful for the people and opportunities that have assisted in keeping me grounded. Through gratitude I am constantly “energized by the appreciation of people who have blessed my life.”  Without the proper people being in the appropriate place atContinue reading “Appreciation”

Moody Moons Weighted Suns 

Moody. Understatement of the year..nope, since the beginning of time. My mind says strength, wisdom, and courage has increased times ten. Growth is constant. But my emotions say these are the lowest records within the last 365. Outcome unknown. Determination always through the roof. Happiness is present but its levels raise and lower with theContinue reading “Moody Moons Weighted Suns “

No title.. Just thoughts

Unknowingly I walked into a place that I still haven’t recovered from…and I don’t want to. Allow me to drink the elixir of love that Keeps giving and giving. May it keep being a push of gratitude because I’m still living and able to spend another moment with you. It’s love on a level neverContinue reading “No title.. Just thoughts”