Unspoken Peace

A stillness containing a subtle inhale and unspoken thoughts Cautious but magnetically pulled Moments larger than self Inquiring with ever-listening angels Intuition laced nudges holding power over reason Peace presented to comfort a waling heart Unexpected and welcomed Can my soul find healing in the moments where understanding is captured after being elusive for soContinue reading “Unspoken Peace”

Inner Knee

  Thank you for productivity… and clearing my mind which will finally allow me to rest.   The storms I endure will pass.   My mind is on overdrive with worry about so much that I can’t prevent or will forth.   My pleas are of peace, love, and reassurance that I’ve already defeated theContinue reading “Inner Knee”

Remnants of Joy

  There are no more letters to write. Refusing to write for a receiver with inauthentic eyes, the well ran dry. Not interested in seeking to understand, as exhaustion rears its ugly head. A love once alive now fizzled…too calloused to bleed. Formerly a desire to be a hope in a future creed. Abandoned dreamsContinue reading “Remnants of Joy”

Tearful letters

  It truly requires Herculean strength at times to keep a smile on your face when you really want to lay down and cry.   The body just wants to relax and rest from being strong for so long… from being courageous… from being loving… from being forgiving… from being so understanding and patient thatContinue reading “Tearful letters”

Questions: Motivation & Encouragement

Is there a difference between encouragement and motivation? And what if you encourage someone daily, yet nothing you do motivates him/her? Or how much do you mean to someone who you can’t motivate nor encourage? When should you stop even caring about how your motivation and encouragement affects the other person when your intention isContinue reading “Questions: Motivation & Encouragement”

Insomnia’s Game

The dark circles look more pronounced You toss and turn Sleep just won’t find you Plans and Prayers enacted Still rest is hiding and you are seeking Getting out of bed to get a glass of water It works on television But they get paid to play sleep after the glass All you need isContinue reading “Insomnia’s Game”