Death of a masquerade

The Full moon oversees All access… such a special one Tonight’s unique in all its givings This moment long awaited Twinkling tear-filled eyes Love overflowing Delicate and vulnerable Breathing Pauses… a blink and a stutter This familiar face A safe space no longer Revelation Death of the masquerade

Rainy Days

Emotions pour from the clouds.. weighted and heavy. Each droplet containing a moment that couldn’t be held. No longer able to contain its composure.. It swelled. It filled. Traveling downward, speeds unknown. Traveling up was no longer an option until after impact. Maybe rays of hope from the sun would raise up what was splattered…Continue reading “Rainy Days”

On Another Level

Wrapping up the day There are no worries. No sideline convos of who didn’t return a call or text. No petty comebacks waiting to be played like a Joker in spades. Those nights where pain used to be a pillow wondering why someone didn’t change, they are no more. There is warmth as I layContinue reading “On Another Level”