Scammers, no one asked for your input 

Scammers This week another scammer tried to deceive me. So, of course, I need to write.,..   Baffled by the conscious day after day of your delighting in the shadows of deception that’s fueled by the light and good intention of others.  Your foundation thrives off the hardwork and efforts of others but you failContinue reading “Scammers, no one asked for your input “

Not Forsaken 

Surrendered and empty  I lay my heart at your feet  Asking why the pain and the connection of a love that leaves me weak  Not understanding why things have to be so hard  Too late to go back and refuse to let down my guard  Shifting my mind and heart to trust in your plan Continue reading “Not Forsaken “

Un-Shackling Freedom

    Securely squeezing the life out of what could cure me If only it was to be released Logically, it’s better to let it go and flow Uncertainty and Fear fuel false foundations to tightening the grasp Captive to what should be uplifting and freeing Slowly nursing Courage and Strength back into action AContinue reading “Un-Shackling Freedom”

Why Speak or Move

The nights have always been long Now they are silent The miles were between us But the flow was powerful as if we were in the same room Roads that once connected us are now blocked Amazing how a Good Night can scramble into Have a Good Life Standing Still Refusing to step back becauseContinue reading “Why Speak or Move”

Change..have a seat

Things change. This statement can bring you pleasure, pain, or a matter-of-fact acceptance. Although, I was sitting still with the best intentions, things around were still..changing. The wind continued to blow, and move the leaves. The cars continued to flow, and part their present space. The cells within each body was changing, and still isContinue reading “Change..have a seat”