Heart: No Vacancy

The awareness of hearing a stranger that I’ve known for so long say I Adore You. Blindsided by the admission.  This is how I used to feel before the present pain, but not for the stranger. The previous love revealed that maybe he was a stranger too, which makes this all even stranger. As theContinue reading “Heart: No Vacancy”

Blog, Hear Me Roar

Eyes will rebel when the tears they cry start to become routine A heart that “almost” experienced a feeling other than pain “almost” beat happily A pen’s ink smeared across forearms and cheeks, still not producing fast enough for the writer’s emotions An unfinished book containing too real of a life outside of its coversContinue reading “Blog, Hear Me Roar”

Pieces of Peace

Pain frequents the doorstep more than peace Glancing around  asking no one in particular, “Am I the only one?” Silence. Aloneness.  Another unanswered question.  When did uncertainty become the norm?  I walk.  Barefoot. Exposed.  No destination No goal But to feel something new  A change from pain Maybe the air is thinner there And theContinue reading “Pieces of Peace”