Food for thought 6/29/20

Food For Thought: Pushing someone to move at the pace you think they should go AND they are not ready can create a bigger problem or deeper ditch to fix later. How much of your personal desires/control are being exerted on others because you desire it to be a sprint when it should be aContinue reading “Food for thought 6/29/20”

Patience ~ 18 Dec ‘18

Hey fellow readers *waves* How about another steroid induced post? Yeah, I thought so tooo. Buckle in. Well, the rant today will be about… patience. How many of us really get frustrated with that word? *raises hand* Sometimes it drives me up the wall, but it’s usually case dependent. Most of the time I’m laidContinue reading “Patience ~ 18 Dec ‘18”

Measured Movements

There are times when you have to see things and people for what and who they are and Be Still. No excuses. No pushing. No pressure. Only stillness with the intention and faith that your next step will bring you closer to exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Opening the Valve

  Every day I thought about you and wanted time with you all to myself. When the time presented itself (daily), something…happened. A clog. A strangulation. An inability to spill the contents. Uggh! Maybe I wanted it too bad to even begin to start to reach my goal. Maybe my mental marathoning drained me intoContinue reading “Opening the Valve”

Allow Me To Proceed

Loving you was inevitable Experiencing you is a soul revival Yet, I’m halted. Purgatory. Standing back because you won’t allow me to proceed Cutting off access to the broken parts of you that my love can heal I represent Fear Your fear of losing your way within something good A scary progression into another shotContinue reading “Allow Me To Proceed”


This post was supposed to contain only affirmations but somehow..someway….as usual…I decided to just write. I guess this will be another list of Randoms…Rants…and Confessions….a small amount because I am hungry and need to make a run for sustenance at 3 a.m. in this rainy weather. 1.    Well, I stand rooted in the beliefContinue reading “Randoms…Rants…Confessions”