Rainy good day

Today was rather productive. Only walked outside twice today and once was to grab some togo food. Otherwise, it’s been a joggers, T-shirt, and head wrap type of day. I made a big decision today that I’ll keep low key until I feel like sharing it but I’m at peace about it. Don’t know whatContinue reading “Rainy good day”

Smile and Share

“Ok, But First Coffee”, I cosign that one. I’ve had my morning Java. Have you? And if you like the cup on this picture, click on it and it’ll take you to Effie’s site where there are more goodies to indulge in. Personally, I love it. Why not share the love with you? On toContinue reading “Smile and Share”

21:22 Thoughts

The intricate details make up the complete picture. Silence doesn’t mend what needs to be said. Ignoring it doesn’t make it dissolve away. A fire burning within smolders when it’s not tended to correctly. A vision doesn’t become reality if a plan and action aren’t birthed. Love. Yes, love can dwindle more and more asContinue reading “21:22 Thoughts”


Dear God,  Only you know the internal unease The desires that keep me seeking your encounter  Aching for your shoulder in comfort and your balm for my pain  Prayerfully seeking your path on this day and this moment  Peace when my heart feel likes it’s being fileted  Longing for Reciprocity to overflow from a heartContinue reading “Receptive “

Prayer: Divine Path 

My Prayer:  **Allow me to see myself through the eyes that you, God, see me with. ** Allow me to hold tight to that as I venture along this path.  Allow my faith and love to guide me, protect me, and be wholeness.  Allow the people, places, and opportunities that are in my life beContinue reading “Prayer: Divine Path “

Just a second

Thank you and praises up for sending that message to me. You allowed her open spirit to receive the message, and fearlessly relay it to me. Your words are to stay focused and I will prosper. These seeds are planted within my mind, heart, and soul. Lead me on the journey that you will haveContinue reading “Just a second”


At this present moment, my thoughts have to be stilled as much as possible. Uncontrolled, they will wrap around emotions and anchor me to a place of questioning. This is a dark, frustrating place. It doesn’t feel productive, which can pave the way to pain. Pain is a path well worn. My footprints show inContinue reading “Work…in….Progress….”