Remember when “I love you” was all it took Now the pain of the loss leaves me shook Praying day after day to remove the seed A simple mutual choice would be all we need But fear had another plan It built a moat and said nope, love won’t stand The past painted pictures withContinue reading “Done”


There are times when you’re playing with your kids, or listening to a song that makes your soul feel electrified, or your mom made you the most delicious apple pie in the world… …and without your probing, you look up and the smallest posture, the most subtle phrase, the familiarity of a vehicle, or theContinue reading “Triggers”


Your pain ripples my atmosphere.  The rolling tears of unresolved pain and betrayal leaves you feeling suspended in purgatory.  Your pleas for comfort and relief don’t escape my heart.  Trust Me in your process.  Those tears containing the weight of the world are watering the garden that I have for you.  A place only IContinue reading “Tears”


A glance…He is aware…Pretends not to care Our future would be bright if we could see the light But my past got in the line of sight A past killing a future making the present awkward Clear foggy views of hopeless expectations The yin to my yang Pursuing would be in vain Loving me stuntsContinue reading “PRESENT PASSING”