Palpitations of Love and Pain

  Ever get tired, I mean truly exhausted with love being your heartbeat? Sitting with closed eyes and the slightest sound can make you fall in love all over again. And to suppress any portion of that expression is like drowning and expecting water to be your air but you’re playing Russian Roulette and blackeningContinue reading “Palpitations of Love and Pain”

Why Speak or Move

The nights have always been long Now they are silent The miles were between us But the flow was powerful as if we were in the same room Roads that once connected us are now blocked Amazing how a Good Night can scramble into Have a Good Life Standing Still Refusing to step back becauseContinue reading “Why Speak or Move”

Controlled Hair Pulling 

Ever have a day in which you are drained… Feeling broken….bobbing and weaving issues, yet they are still connecting?  And the one thing you want for comfort isn’t an option.  Of course, I know this time will pass, and better days are ahead.  But these days have turned into years.  I’m still grasping… Still feelingContinue reading “Controlled Hair Pulling “

Gotta back up off it …

Sometimes it is hard to suppress what you feel when you experience something so real It is hard not to run toward a light that shines so bright It triggers a smile within your heart leaving you wondering where to start to heal and release so your soul gains peace long enough to figure outContinue reading “Gotta back up off it …”