Thank you for today

Before I go in DND mode and rest, I must say that today was beautiful. The sun was shining bright. Pollen coated all the cars that thought they would be clean after a fresh wash. My family and friends were giving life to indulge in another day. I’m feeling grateful and hopeful. May restoration, wholenessContinue reading “Thank you for today”

I’m no Chef, and I don’t play one on TV

Soooo… I smiled today and let me tell you why. A friend from my tech group sent me a free week of Blue Apron. She’s awesome right. I think so too.  Well, majority of the people know I can’t cook… it’s very limited. I’m a picky eater and my schedule, since I was young, hasContinue reading “I’m no Chef, and I don’t play one on TV”

Not Forsaken 

Surrendered and empty  I lay my heart at your feet  Asking why the pain and the connection of a love that leaves me weak  Not understanding why things have to be so hard  Too late to go back and refuse to let down my guard  Shifting my mind and heart to trust in your plan Continue reading “Not Forsaken “

Full Moon Flow

  Snipped Strings in the Realm Refocusing of the Unbalance Within and Without Applied Freedom to Fruitless Expectations Each Line Written with “I Release” A Soul’s Anchor Transformed to Ash The Phoenix has shed its Skin Flying Lighter with No Strings Dangling in the Wind The Full Moon Glares On Knowingly Transformation has Begun