It is said that writing something is better than writing nothing at all…in order to keep things flowing. Well, there is nothing particular that strikes me to write about. Shortly, my day will be coming to a close…regarding the income producing portion. The parent portion will just be getting started for a few more hours…thenContinue reading “Meh….”

~What….the….heck….was …today….~

Truthfully, I don’t know if writing will even relieve the headache of today. But because I write, I will writeth. Shakespearian-ish moment. Another new word.  Anyway, today SUCKED! Right now, at this moment, is the first time that I feel anything remotely close to my normal balanced self. When no one got paid at workContinue reading “~What….the….heck….was …today….~”

Love… An Experience…

Such a risky, yet beautiful feeling…place of liberation…cage of uncertainty deeming the host a target, or a recipient of a blessing beyond explanation…exacting control over things unable to be controlled. We are often on the pursuit of the treasure of this mysterious realm. How can something so powerful cause such feelings of powerlessness? Addictive. TheContinue reading “Love… An Experience…”

Up Up and Away …

Soothes my spirit with a balm of Gilead like energy A pain believed to be incurable subsided  Present all the Time. Who knew? Clark Kent.  Vision Restored and Enhanced.  X-raying and Repairing the areas I didn’t know were failing His presence is life A rose of hope in a field of salted memories  Superman sweptContinue reading “Up Up and Away …”