Alone…bah humbug

Have you ever been alone so much that it starts to feel like company? Like a job that you’ve worked robotically with no thought, just action. I’ve perfected this area of my life. But how can you feel so alone when there are so many people? Light bulb! Because it’s all internal. The externals feelContinue reading “Alone…bah humbug”


Money Making. Customer Service at its Peak. No. This isn’t Magic City. Just another day working in the men’s department. Glancing at my quota and wondering how many more hours I have to go. A customer approaches. “May I help you?” Looking up into brown eyes and immediately paralysis kicks in. Unable to speak…unable toContinue reading “Unexpected”


Sometimes I write because I don’t verbalize what is pressing inside.  Presently, the weight of separation while trying to grasp hope is sitting on my chest. I want to believe in what I feel and what you speak but sometimes the actions don’t complete the balance.  Do I have too much time to think aboutContinue reading “THOUGHTS …”


Ting ting..Boom. Ting Ting..Boom.The music plays as the crowd sways.Bang ..bang..boom. Bang Bang Bang.Curiosity graces the teens faces.Not sure if this song is remixed or if someone added their own Bang to the track.A scream comes from the left of the room. Eyes look left. Bodies move right. Out the door with faces filled withContinue reading “DEATH’S SONG”

Just thinking …Love

Love is blind. But is it really because you are trying to see with your heart. Maybe the statement should be : love is closely linked with denial. Because we can see something with our eyes and still not allow our heart to believe it. Or maybe: love gives the benefit of the doubt. SoContinue reading “Just thinking …Love”

Deuces …

Liked You   /   Probably loved you  /  Until EYE saw EWE /  AVATAR Reminiscent of on empty bar  /  Beauty and Craft  /  Yet Service Undependable  / Don’t speak  /  I’d rather surface memories of you as a Cover  /   Beautiful Outside  / Unexplored contents  /  Quasi-Hemingway   /  Lost art thatContinue reading “Deuces …”