Up Up and Away …

Soothes my spirit with a balm of Gilead like energy A pain believed to be incurable subsided  Present all the Time. Who knew? Clark Kent.  Vision Restored and Enhanced.  X-raying and Repairing the areas I didn’t know were failing His presence is life A rose of hope in a field of salted memories  Superman sweptContinue reading “Up Up and Away …”

Deuces …

Liked You   /   Probably loved you  /  Until EYE saw EWE /  AVATAR Reminiscent of on empty bar  /  Beauty and Craft  /  Yet Service Undependable  / Don’t speak  /  I’d rather surface memories of you as a Cover  /   Beautiful Outside  / Unexplored contents  /  Quasi-Hemingway   /  Lost art thatContinue reading “Deuces …”


Word BLOGGING Mental J- O- G- G- I- N- G MARATHONS Still Carrying Weight WAIT  DIET  Dye It Flip It Flipped thoughts like mattresses  Revisiting previously traveled lands  Lessons in the scratch area of life  Looped Riddim of Pythagoras Never enough Scarcity of Weeping Willows and Graphite To Decipher it All Replay 


TIME moves but plays MIME in my desires Fresh game of Red light, Green light My Red is on  Repeat My Red is on Repeat My Red is on Repeat Like Stevie Wonder’s dreams in Summer Wondering Blind Chronic Rain This is not Cali Drowning on Dry land Running on a treadmill in a WhiteContinue reading “WRITING NOVEMBER NATIONAL PEN TO PAPER ACTION : MY RANDOM”