No Ordinary Day

The alarm tone startled her. This time it started before she was ready. That was its job, right? Usually she awakened just before the enchantment played through her speakers accompanied by a soft blue backlight signaling the start of a new day. Not today, it was as if her cheek was pressed to the hoodContinue reading “No Ordinary Day”


Deep within she hated what she felt brewing Glancing at Rufus, although unable to speak, his eyes a cloud filled droopy confirmation that he too felt the unease Whistling winds and clanging chimes, a song scripted in purpose Prickled skin as the sun retreated under the hills No clouds & no moon, everything instantly stoodContinue reading “Knowing”

Enigmatic… Best Is Yet To Come

  “The best is yet to come” was all that he said. Now, currently sitting upon three days of silence and counting…not a word has been said Wind taps the glass reminiscent of the cold shifting inside as it is out “The best is yet to come”… for him or for me Anxious and expectantContinue reading “Enigmatic… Best Is Yet To Come”

Book Review: Don’t Speak: A Jade Harrington Novel by J. L. Brown

  Book: Don’t Speak: A Jade Harrington Novel Author: J. L. Brown  Rating: 5/5, Learned a lot while being entertained  Summary: Press Me to read an overview of Don’t Speak  A Small Dose of Quotes:  “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the sameContinue reading “Book Review: Don’t Speak: A Jade Harrington Novel by J. L. Brown”

Book Review: Boxes for Beds by Maryann Miller

  Book: Boxes for Beds Author: Maryann Miller Rating: 4/5, Book Title and Cover aren’t the greatest      Curiosity Fix / Quick Summary:  Press Me      Quotes….only a smidge….a sprinkling of words…   “My mamma used to say that a man like that had the devil inside.  Whether it’s from the drink orContinue reading “Book Review: Boxes for Beds by Maryann Miller”

Love in the midst 

Sloped cheek bones lead the way to ready lips as his eyes gaze into hers seeking Revelation of what is to come/ gazing back with curious brown eyes, her lips lock unable to express what she sees within his/ the eyes are the window to the soul but often unable to interpret what is lookingContinue reading “Love in the midst “