Morning Flow

Today. A day of flowing without the barriers creating stress. Started the morning early, 04:30. Moon smiling and whispering its peace, as the majority of the house’s occupants entertained dreams and comfort unbroken by my stirring. Hazelnut drops made new hues within my java blend. I was up, not ready to process much more butContinue reading “Morning Flow”

Cheers to Another Day

Today is another day to be the amazing spirit filled human being that you are. Everything might not have gone right yesterday, but today is a new day. Yesterday may have been filled with tons of laughs and moments of wishing things never ended, and today is another chance to make more memories. Today isContinue reading “Cheers to Another Day”

1:34 a.m. 3rd of March 2015 Misty Mental

Once again in the early a.m hours, I walk this lot… This time in the mist.  My hair will be cursing me later for exposing its vulnerability. But when the heart and mind is active, you flow where you are led sometimes. Like a warrior on a journey, no hills or deserts will block hisContinue reading “1:34 a.m. 3rd of March 2015 Misty Mental”

Night session

What keeps you awake at night? Do you stay up trying to develop new ways to win? Or are you tweaking the ones that didn’t work so when the sun rises you can try again? Is it pain that keeps playing the same track in your mind? Or are you fuming because your love isn’tContinue reading “Night session”

Energy seeking a place

I’m fully awake right now, as usual. Overflowing with energy and the desire to create but in elaborate, unique, and random ways. Now sure how or where to start… It feels like I’m always searching for the appropriate outlet. So I guess I’ll pour it into studying while I’m energized.. I’m sure the neighbors willContinue reading “Energy seeking a place”