Moments of our lives

The break was welcome. No clocking in, and working according to someone else’s requirements. Lounging and wearing sweats, while sipping coffee.. No obligations but to flow as the energy leads. The smiling faces of family, and the one who has my heart. Priceless time spent with each. It was a pleasant peace… An instant refresh…Continue reading “Moments of our lives”

~Unlocked ~

She needed to speak . I listened.  Her heart’s dam broke  creating a flood that spilled from her eyes. She had been mute for so long.  Past ears did not deserve her heartfelt song. So She remained silent… until the perfect moment… the perfect audience… the perfect environment of understanding. She erupted. Finally she wasContinue reading “~Unlocked ~”

No rules writing …take that. Rebel

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wanted to write but Flatline ___^__^_____ almost got a pulse but ..nothing The urge is there but the focus or the topic just won’t come and remain grounded while the thought progresses into something coherent something beautiful something worth sharing So the cloud of frustrationContinue reading “No rules writing …take that. Rebel”