Thoughts of you makes my spirit move… Thoughts of not having you..move opposite You are so Beautiful… And I know someone would move to second that I see Scenery of us as a movie… Did you see the Move in just that word… Take the “I” out ..and let’s keep Moving As I Uhaul theseContinue reading “UNNAMED”


A glance…He is aware…Pretends not to care Our future would be bright if we could see the light But my past got in the line of sight A past killing a future making the present awkward Clear foggy views of hopeless expectations The yin to my yang Pursuing would be in vain Loving me stuntsContinue reading “PRESENT PASSING”

Why allow it?

We¬†ALLOW¬†people to drain us till the last drop…because we have hope and see their potential. PROBLEM : ¬†They haven’t begun to operate in the positive, wisdom filled aspects of their essence. We are¬†WILLING¬†victims of creative suicide. We place the gun in their hands and then…we have the nerve to wonder why they shot us.

untitled 2

Blazing up cause he can’t deal with reality… Puffs of smoke, numbing his ability. To blind to see the fallacy in his action… Heavy burdens smothering his reaction. I gazed and didn’t speak.. Wondering how a strong mind can be so weak. Going through the motions day after day … Not knowing that he hasContinue reading “untitled 2”


I hold on to the hope that you reach your potential… And pursue your purpose… Before I release myself as your resource. Far to long, I’ve been your stealth wealth… ever present yet blind in your eyes. I’ve retarded you with provisions.. it was my attempt at nurturing your vision… but my precision was off…Continue reading “untitled”