Fuel for the Journey

Keep your head up. Often, it may seem like your goal/reward is a long way out of reach or may never occur. Keep pushing. Sometimes the journey can feel like it’s a series of battles and obstacles, often fought alone, while trying to remain a positive, loving, and helpful person. Keep pushing. Your hard workContinue reading “Fuel for the Journey”

Finding the way back

Where have you gone? I miss you.  The fire in your eyes and your energy when you entered the room could be tasted.  You were savory delicious honey filled hope and overflowing unquenchable optimism that was so refreshing to the soul.  Sadly, the best of you has gotten lost within the scarred vulnerability of yourContinue reading “Finding the way back”

Favor of Open Doors 

I’m grateful for the open doors that await me.  Slowly I’m approaching, preparing, and admiring the journey.  Seeking direction with each step along the way.  My heart cycles between up and down, irregular yet full and empty at the same time. Overtime.  But my mind is at ease with acceptance of the uncertain.  Daily overdosingContinue reading “Favor of Open Doors “

Tight Roping The In-Between

  Too much of a good thing… can be addicting.   Not enough of some things… can be malnourishment. Tightroping the in between in a cyclical fashion.  At times as an observer while still participating in the flow.  Circling around.  Some things change. Others remain the same… seemingly.  Choices to release and rebuild the scenery that changesContinue reading “Tight Roping The In-Between”

What the what…who the which…why the when

  My energy is high and  I’m ready to take on the world. Well, the world that I have been trying to create for so long, or at least merge into. It’s been a slow merge. A merge similar to the forty day and forty night trek in the wilderness….only difference is I can clearlyContinue reading “What the what…who the which…why the when”