The Virgo In Me

Hmm, what will this post be about? 🤔 Let me start with saying why I even thought about this particular subject. Complaining. I found myself complaining and asking why would someone do that when it serves no purpose. Why do some people complain more than others? And why is complaining so contagious? My complaining startedContinue reading “The Virgo In Me”

Change..have a seat

Things change. This statement can bring you pleasure, pain, or a matter-of-fact acceptance. Although, I was sitting still with the best intentions, things around were still..changing. The wind continued to blow, and move the leaves. The cars continued to flow, and part their present space. The cells within each body was changing, and still isContinue reading “Change..have a seat”

A.M Thoughts

Sometimes having strong loving feelings for others sucks. It can have you questioning their loyalty. It can also have you ready to battle the world to keep them protected from any harm, pain, or anything less than the best. It’s tough sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if it ever gets easier. Maybe not… Maybe it will…Continue reading “A.M Thoughts”

Dose of Goodness

Dose of Goodness!!! If you are not familiar with the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, then here is a good, brief article (by Brian Johnson) to summarize the powerful messages expressed within the book. The book is a great read. Add it to your library. 🙂 Here’s the article link: Read the articleContinue reading “Dose of Goodness”

Love… An Experience…

Such a risky, yet beautiful feeling…place of liberation…cage of uncertainty deeming the host a target, or a recipient of a blessing beyond explanation…exacting control over things unable to be controlled. We are often on the pursuit of the treasure of this mysterious realm. How can something so powerful cause such feelings of powerlessness? Addictive. TheContinue reading “Love… An Experience…”