Sunrise…well, not quite

Sunrise… well, maybe in a few hours Another morning dose of Way Too Early with a side of Sleep, Stop Playing. Waking up on the wrong side: Not so much. Neither side wants to be used because I don’t want to get up but I can’t seem to sleep. Google says to walk around, readContinue reading “Sunrise…well, not quite”


It’s 2:11. Am I tired? Yes. Am I struggling to stay awake? Yessir. So, why can’t I stay asleep? Insomnia is my only conclusion. 🙄 It’s no fun staying awake when you’d rather be dreaming about future days with that special someone nestled in your bed. However, I’m awake and writing. Thinking about what theContinue reading “2:11”

… awake? Oh, just me…

Two hours ago, I woke up grateful for life but entirely too early for the long day that awaits me. Tossing and turning as math equations cycle in my mind, a lot of work was put in this week. Why math though? Why not some peaceful streams and cotton candy colored clouds, something that doesn’tContinue reading “… awake? Oh, just me…”


Application and Awareness. Beautiful, Blessed, Brilliant. Carefully, Consciously Creating. Delicately deciding directions. Essentially everything ends. Faithfully forgiven, finally. Gratefulness goes gallantly. Humorous humans helping. Indeed, it’s interesting. Just joking joyously. Keeping kindness kindred. Letting love lead. Many midnights mourning. Needs neglected, nevertheless. Opening our options. Planning, preparing, proceeding. Quiet, Quick question. Respectful, Reflective, Refreshing. SoulContinue reading “Rundown”

A title requires energy

  Ahh, the lovely scent of insomnia permeates my nostrils…tingling the synapses and sending my mind in even more of a frenzy. Cheers to you insomnia! This post exists because of you. Well, how the heck are you, dear reader?  These past seven days have been entertaining, draining, and a training in life lessons forContinue reading “A title requires energy”

Insomnia’s Game

The dark circles look more pronounced You toss and turn Sleep just won’t find you Plans and Prayers enacted Still rest is hiding and you are seeking Getting out of bed to get a glass of water It works on television But they get paid to play sleep after the glass All you need isContinue reading “Insomnia’s Game”