And Another One

I don’t know about you.. but I’m extremely elated to have been gifted another second, day, and year of life. This gift of time almost didn’t happen; I am grateful for healing and making it to this exact moment. May there be many many more.. I wish many more for you too. Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.Continue reading “And Another One”

Moody Moons Weighted Suns 

Moody. Understatement of the year..nope, since the beginning of time. My mind says strength, wisdom, and courage has increased times ten. Growth is constant. But my emotions say these are the lowest records within the last 365. Outcome unknown. Determination always through the roof. Happiness is present but its levels raise and lower with theContinue reading “Moody Moons Weighted Suns “

Hear my heart

Love in ways that you don’t understand. Love the differences as well as the similarities.Love like no one is around but you and your special someone.Love in ways you didn’t think you were capable of.Love even through the times when you don’t like him, or her but you know love will always be present regardless.Continue reading “Hear my heart”