Encouragement to Lifestyle

Life is a series of loving and letting go. If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s making sure that you remember who you are and in what you base your foundation and Love is a part of that. I’ve learned not to make excuses for my actions and decisions. You can’t blame anyone for what you’reContinue reading “Encouragement to Lifestyle”

No Matter What

I choose to remind myself daily that no matter how much I miss people who my heart still long for and voices I want to hear, no matter how many things I failed at today, no matter how many times I wish some things could have been different or better, no matter how much IContinue reading “No Matter What”

Thank you 

My soul sings praises to you for life  Through these words I give thanks for Your Grace, Your Love, and Your Mercy. I express gratitude for the strength of those reading this and those uplifted in prayer within the raised hands and hearts. I pray that You continue your work in healing that person who’sContinue reading “Thank you “

I’m no Chef, and I don’t play one on TV

Soooo… I smiled today and let me tell you why. A friend from my tech group sent me a free week of Blue Apron. She’s awesome right. I think so too.  Well, majority of the people know I can’t cook… it’s very limited. I’m a picky eater and my schedule, since I was young, hasContinue reading “I’m no Chef, and I don’t play one on TV”


Sun rises as I lay here. Dreams vacate my space for the first time in a long while.  Fog of exhaustion and unwelcomed thoughts of the past.  Slow eye roll into passionate prayer.  Seeking an end to what lingers in my heart and mind.  Sunny days will come in time. Trusting in the process. 

Today I…

Today wasn’t easy but it aided in my healing. Moments of thanks expressed in praises with a bowed head, closed eyes, and open heart.  Of course, I miss him. “Love leaves a mark.” When you connect and see so much in a person and it feels like…   Don’t want to feel that but IContinue reading “Today I…”

Blog, Hear Me Roar

Eyes will rebel when the tears they cry start to become routine A heart that “almost” experienced a feeling other than pain “almost” beat happily A pen’s ink smeared across forearms and cheeks, still not producing fast enough for the writer’s emotions An unfinished book containing too real of a life outside of its coversContinue reading “Blog, Hear Me Roar”