Thank you

Dear God, Thank you for the gift of time, the chance to once again live a life displaying you within us. It is my prayer that we have touched the hearts of others today in ways that promote healing, joy, comfort, and hope. Thank you for protecting and providing for us. I truly believe you’veContinue reading “Thank you”

May this prayer be heard

Dear God, We come to you and offer it all to you. All of our love, all of our frustrations, all of our needs and desires, all of our gratitudes and so much more. You say to cast it all at your feet and we give it to you in humility and in gratitude. WeContinue reading “May this prayer be heard”

11-11… 1 am stirrings

Prayers weaved from my soul Outstretched, humble, expectant and vulnerable Seeking, even to simply graze a glimpse Suffering and a love amplified Grateful for the sacrifice of restoring life when you died Worshipping in love because I know you’re King Almighty, fill my vessel. Restore me again

Ups and downs

These ups and downs are so taxing on my body. Extremely taxing on me mentally, emotionally, and physically. Sure, I’ve not made the best decisions but this place of navigating myself in so many spaces that I can’t immediately get away from are taking chunks out of “whole” me. Financially, up and down.. up andContinue reading “Ups and downs”

Prayerfully Watchful

Who’s to say that God can’t work and breathe life into this situation, even when others think it may be impossible, a distraction, or a waste of investing my time?! My faith and our desire and action has to be bigger than the circumstance. Could we both surrender it to God and move in faithContinue reading “Prayerfully Watchful”

Finding the way back

Where have you gone? I miss you.  The fire in your eyes and your energy when you entered the room could be tasted.  You were savory delicious honey filled hope and overflowing unquenchable optimism that was so refreshing to the soul.  Sadly, the best of you has gotten lost within the scarred vulnerability of yourContinue reading “Finding the way back”

Favor of Open Doors 

I’m grateful for the open doors that await me.  Slowly I’m approaching, preparing, and admiring the journey.  Seeking direction with each step along the way.  My heart cycles between up and down, irregular yet full and empty at the same time. Overtime.  But my mind is at ease with acceptance of the uncertain.  Daily overdosingContinue reading “Favor of Open Doors “