Calling All Writers

Dear Fellow Writers – If you are into food, romance, prayers and devotionals, this post is for you. Let’s get to it! Zora James Publishing is accepting submissions for prayers. The prayers should have a specific focus so read the criteria carefully. Act quick because once a certain limit is reached, submissions will no longerContinue reading “Calling All Writers”

I’m no Chef, and I don’t play one on TV

Soooo… I smiled today and let me tell you why. A friend from my tech group sent me a free week of Blue Apron. She’s awesome right. I think so too.  Well, majority of the people know I can’t cook… it’s very limited. I’m a picky eater and my schedule, since I was young, hasContinue reading “I’m no Chef, and I don’t play one on TV”

Painful Truths Snippet

Truth. Pain. Pain. Truth. I.  You’re Gone! She read the obituary and spoke your name. Shock. 25 yrs old. Too soon. No Story Ever Told. 3 weeks No Sleep. I couldn’t shake your lifeless image. No further on that. II. I’m death’s messenger. Strong Resume. Presently grateful to not be summed for service. Deliver ofContinue reading “Painful Truths Snippet”


  MENTAL MARINATION:  “We love Jesus but you done learned a lot from Satan?”  ~Kanye~  What has been your teacher?  Pain and Experience?  Or wise teachings alone? Did you have to jump in the fire to learn the lesson? How many times do you need to be burned and crucified before you stop practicing insanity?Continue reading “MENTAL MOMENT”