Sometimes…I write

Sometimes… You do not realize that you have been holding your breath… Until …YOU …Finally…Get…The…Chance…To ..Exhale. You’ve waited for the moment to relax and allow your shield to be laid down. Tense from a weight that you have been carrying ..not even realizing when you picked it up. The hope that you have desired andContinue reading “Sometimes…I write”

No title.. Just thoughts

Unknowingly I walked into a place that I still haven’t recovered from…and I don’t want to. Allow me to drink the elixir of love that Keeps giving and giving. May it keep being a push of gratitude because I’m still living and able to spend another moment with you. It’s love on a level neverContinue reading “No title.. Just thoughts”


“You don’t measure love in time. You measure love in transformation.” Whoever came up with this quote needs a lifetime supply of Hershey’s kisses and Apple Juice, and I don’t mind helping you consume it. Back on track, Love is indeed measured in least in my life. Time was paused when I saw glimpsesContinue reading “Time..Love…Transformation…”