Ready, Set, 2016

Dear 2015, We had our run, but let me tell you, I do not plan to endure the same trials filled with tears, frustration, and dream TKOs. Yes, I learned the lessons, applied solutions, educated others, and managed to keep breathing. Win Win. However, it is time to let you go because the Strugglecast ThemeContinue reading “Ready, Set, 2016”


O no Not you tooThought I plucked all the weedsAnd exposed the flower within you But you suffer from that same old fluConsumed with the thoughts of only you I drew you a mapIn the hopes that you would seeThat the actions you takeAre leading away from me Silence was your answer It ate awayContinue reading “Farewell”

Deuces …

Liked You   /   Probably loved you  /  Until EYE saw EWE /  AVATAR Reminiscent of on empty bar  /  Beauty and Craft  /  Yet Service Undependable  / Don’t speak  /  I’d rather surface memories of you as a Cover  /   Beautiful Outside  / Unexplored contents  /  Quasi-Hemingway   /  Lost art thatContinue reading “Deuces …”